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Flow and fluidity

Most new(er) dancers — including me, when I’d just started out — ask this question (in fact, I continually ask myself this question) at some point: how can I become more fluid? I remember watching some of the greats and … Continue reading

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It gets to each of us at some point. We feel like our progress has stalled. Everything new seems 10x more difficult than it “should” be. I had a frustrating session last night. I felt off my game, which used … Continue reading

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Slow it down

Slow is sultry. Slow gives you time to think about what you’re doing, how you’re moving, how the music and your way of moving make you feel. Slow gives your audience, if you have one, time to savor your movements. … Continue reading

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Movement – think, really *think*, about your body

The next time you dance, take some time to really think about how your body shapes itself and how changing your weight distribution, even slightly, can change a move. For example, if I’m doing a slow hip circle around the … Continue reading

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Make it easy on yourself!

I am a lazy dancer. I want pole work to be as easy as possible (it’s not often easy… maybe I should say I don’t want to make it any harder than it already is). So I try to make … Continue reading

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