Make it easy on yourself!

I am a lazy dancer. I want pole work to be as easy as possible (it’s not often easy… maybe I should say I don’t want to make it any harder than it already is). So I try to make sure my body positioning allows for that. Sometimes it’s a matter of having leverage. Sometimes altering the pivot point a bit is a HUGE help. Sometimes it’s all about counterbalance (elbow grip aysha, anyone?). Sometimes it’s about allowing large muscle groups to help rather than relying on strongarming everything.

The next time you dance, think about how easy (or not) you’re making things on yourself. What if you changed your position a touch? How does that change the move?

Next post: how changing the move changes the dance. Stay tuned!


About Gina

I am a pole and exotic dance instructor at Studio Rouge in Columbus, Ohio. Hear me when I tell you it is the best. job. ever.
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One Response to Make it easy on yourself!

  1. Angela says:

    I would love to learn how to know what to try. I feel exactly the same way – that if there’s a slightly more efficient way to do something I definitely want that way. But my brain doesn’t know yet how to try anything other than what it’s told. (Not counting freestyle in which my body disregards my brain and makes up wonderful new things which cannot be remembered later!)

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