When a move suddenly disappears…

It’s such a common phenomenon that some refer to it as the Mystery Move Marauder (MMM): a move or trick you’ve had in the bag suddenly goes away. It’s frustrating because it’s inexplicable. What gives?

Last night the MMM took my aysha away. Butterfly? No prob. Cradle spin to invert? Sure, why not? Shoulder mount? Got it. Reverse caterpillar climb (upside down and backward up the pole)? Easy peasy. Aysha? N-O. No. Not happening.

My solution to this is to let it go. If I keep trying, trying, trying to get a move the MMM has stolen, to force it to happen, all that usually happens is that I get disheartened and frustrated beyond belief. If I leave it for another practice session, many times it reappears as suddenly as it disappeared. I’ll be on the pole, and I’ll feel it, so I’ll do it.

So, aysha, you and I will meet again.


About Gina

I am a pole and exotic dance instructor at Studio Rouge in Columbus, Ohio. Hear me when I tell you it is the best. job. ever.
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