New music – I *love* getting new music

New additions to the pole playlist:

–Streetwalkin’ – Dan Auerbach
–Prowl – Dan Auerbach
–Heartbroken, in disrepair – Dan Auerbach (what can I say, the guy’s AWESOME)
–Erotic city – Berlin (yes, Berlin!)
–Ain’t no rest for the wicked – Cage the Elephant
— Will do – TV on the Radio
–Cameras – Matt & Kim
–My oh my – David Gray
–La vie est belle – MC Solaar

And there’s a song I want to dance to, but I only know about 5 words, and half of them are ah-ah-ah-ah-ahhhh so that’s not much help. I’ll track it down, I swear it!

PS: I am always, always, always open to suggestions for new pole music. There’s a whole world of incredible music out there to dance to, and I can’t possibly find all of it.


About Gina

I am a pole and exotic dance instructor at Studio Rouge in Columbus, Ohio. Hear me when I tell you it is the best. job. ever.
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