Pole inspiration

I have so many–the result of watching many, many hours of youtube. Some dancers inspire me because of their fearlessness. Others because they’re so danged BENDY! Then there are those with otherworldly flow. Or creativity that drives me to pause, replay, pause, replay, pause, replay. Some have a fun club style that I love. Every time I click into youtube I find new pole inspiration, and I get excited about pole dancing all over again.

So to the Sarah Jades, and Rhiannan Nicholes, and Aerial Amys, and luckygirls, and jannybugaliciouses (that was fun to type), and all the others I’m forgetting to mention (believe me, my pole crushes are MANY) of the world, I say thanks for the hours of inspiration and entertainment.

Here are a few vids I like particularly well. 🙂

Yes, that’s a long list. But it’s not half as long as it could be! If you watch each and every video above, it will *not* be a waste of your time. Trust me. These vids are delicious. 😀


About Gina

I am a pole and exotic dance instructor at Studio Rouge in Columbus, Ohio. Hear me when I tell you it is the best. job. ever.
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2 Responses to Pole inspiration

  1. krissykiki says:

    thanks for sharing all of those amazing dancers videos. 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    Love it! Thanks!

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